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Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning


Expert Pruning Available in Central Vermont

One of the most common tree maintenance procedures is pruning. Having a Certified Arborist oversee the pruning can be a great way to ensure the cuts made will lead to the best health of the trees. There are a variety of reasons we prune trees, including:

  • Promote tree health by removing dying, diseased, or dead wood

  • Mitigate risk by reducing the     potential for limb breakage or tree failure    

  • Increase light and air penetration        

  • Influence fruit or flower production    

  • Improve clearance to structures

  • Enhance the view    


Young Trees

Structural pruning in young trees is an important step in setting a tree up for success. As arborists, we can help develop a trunk and branching system that provides a solid foundation for future growth.  Early pruning can reduce maintenance costs by eliminating weak branches and unions that often become a problem in the future.

Mature Trees

In mature trees, removing deadwood can reduce stress on a tree because the dying wood becomes a food source for decaying fungus. The fungus can deplete’s the trees resources as the tree defends itself by creating walls in it’s celluar structure to prevent the spread of fungus. The fungus is a necessary part of our ecosystem as it breaks down woody debris that has fallen to the ground is a vital part of creating healthy soil, but if our goal is to maintain the health of a particular tree, it’s best to remove the larger deadwood.